Retreat Into Eternity: An Upanishad Book Of Aphorisms

Retreat Into Eternity: An Upanishad Book Of Aphorisms

This beautiful edition artfully blends the Master’s gentle, powerful words with stunning color photographs. Together the simple, clear, contemporary aphorisms and images create a direct experience, opening the reader to Truth in all its beauty. The Master’s enlightening wisdom relates every aspect of our lives to the spiritual core of our Being, showing the way to transmute everyday trials and experiences into an understanding of our true nature of peace, freedom and Oneness.Retreat Into Eternity book cover

Retreat Into Eternity Editorial Review

If we knew of a certain place within us where we could be our Self, where we could find rest and rejuvenation, probably we would love to retreat there . . . So begins the stunning book of aphorisms, Retreat into Eternity, by Swami Amar Jyoti. This book is an incredible treasure filled with heart-probing words and stunning photos of the divine in nature and religious forms. The author descended from the Himalayas in the early 1960s to spend the last four decades guiding disciples around the globe with classical yoga spirituality and obviously a heart full of love for fellow seekers. His words seem to touch the deepest center of the reader while the artwork sends the memory reeling into past experiences of beauty.

Swami Amar Jyoti touches on all aspects of our lives to show how all of them can contribute to our quest for enlightenment. The one who writes, Habit is a dead branch of the tree of life, and It takes heroic courage to decide that any habit is a bondage, also tells us: First know yourself; there lies the secret of knowing everything. Such books of inspiration are one of the greatest aids on the path of Self-seeking, particularly if one knows that the writer has personally experienced the many steps of the journey. To learn from a Himalayan master is gift in itself; to turn pages of the Master s thoughts, reflections, and conclusions after many years of practice is the best gift we can give ourselves beyond sitting at his feet. When beauty surrounds us in the pages of this book, then the teachings and truths written therein even when showing us where we are failing become easy to accept. The reader immediately wants to begin afresh, to continue practicing with greater zeal, to explore the inner reaches of pure consciousness as instructed. –Reprinted from Yes News and Views

The heart glows at each turning of a page until when the last one is reached, telling us to Retreat into Eternity and awake in ecstasy, one is drawn to open the first page again or else sit in silence and experience the proof. –Yes International Publishers Book Review

To open this magnificent book is to move from the surface of the ocean into its depths. –Gladys McGarey, M.D.

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