Consicousness by Swami Amar Jyoti

“Matter’s own reality, if you care to find it, will be in atoms, particles, sub-particles. Go to any limit—that will be Light, Consciousness. To our conceptual view, matter looks inert, inanimate or dead. If it were dead, matter would crumble, disintegrate and then transform into something else again. But Light is throughout, continuous. That is why sages have said: “All is Divine.” When they say “all,” there is no exception; it includes illusions, conceptions, matter—everything is Divine. Everything is intrinsically made of Light. It’s a matter of finding that out. When you use the faculty of analysis you are bound to make mistakes because you divide and separate and compare, and then try to bridge it all up again. Synthesis is not part of modern science yet. To me it is fully satisfying to say, “It is all God.”

Then what is illusion? If it is not Reality, then what is it? Because illusion, maya, is somewhat perceptible or conceivable, in a certain limited area of reality, it has its own existence of which you and I are a part. What is the reality of illusion, then? If everything is Divine and everything is Light, then illusion must have the same basis. Whatever the reality of its existence may be, it is something. If there is Light within illusion, then illusion assumes some kind of existence. ” from CONSCIOUSNESS Where Science & Spirituality Meet, page 17

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